Work from Home – The Little Things

Work from home is the new norm in the aftermath of a global pandemic and many organisations have been forced to ramp up remote working solutions through virtual desktop VDI initiatives or VPN connectivity.

Whilst they have generally been successful in empowering a remote workforce to stay away from the office, to quote the often misquoted idiom ‘god is in the detail’.

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I was reminded of that recently overhearing a Service Manager bemoaning a user for returning a broken laptop in the post that was stuffed into an empty cereal box.

Naturally the IT professional thought that an expensive IT asset (based on the full TCO before you tell me how cheap laptops are these days) should have been better protected.

In defence of the user I asked how we as a Service Management community had reviewed our policies and working practices in light of the new way of working. Had we communicated a new return to base policy and allowed the user to order a suitably padded protection sleeve as part of the returns authorisation process.

I pondered how it is that when I sell my old mobile telephone for a few pounds the online provider will post me a mailing bag and detailed instructions. Yet we expect a user returning an asset – that may have another three years to write down on the books – to figure it out for themselves.

Lesson learnt. The return to base policy has now been updated and instructions shared. Padded mailing bags can be ordered through an online self-serve portal

Now I can go back to my breakfast cereal.

What other small niggles have you seen since work from home began? Comment below.

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