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IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing – The Contract

IT outsourcing – the use of external providers to deliver IT services has been around for decades. Over the years, I have reviewed, negotiated and written many different outsourcing contacts. Whilst the scope and the cost vary, many aspects of the contract remain the same.

The SIAM Model

What is a SIAM Model

In the SIAM model , SIAM or Supplier Integration and Management is simply the framework for managing multiple suppliers of IT services that may be freestanding or integrated in order to present a single business-facing IT organization.

There are 3 distinct roles in the SIAM Model:

System Integrator vs Service Integrator

System Integration

I am often asked to explain the difference between a System Integrator and a Service Integrator. Working in a multi-national enterprise with a heavily outsourced IT provision, I had the opportunity to travel the world talking to my colleagues about Service Management and how we organise ourselves to manage our external suppliers.

Service Desk Automation

The Shift-Left Approach to Service Desk Automation

Service desk automation is not a new topic but that one that I have revisited due to the advancements made in cloud provisioning. For years we spoke about the shift-left approach. Moving simple, repetitive, transactional activities to the lowest cost cost solution. Initially that meant moving tasks to the lower paid level 1 help desk analysts, or to an offshore resource.

Incident Management – Notifications

Incident Management Notification Channels

Today I am thinking about Incident Management and in particular, how I am notified when a critical incident occurs. As I logged in this morning and casually browsed my ever-growing inbox, I was struck by the critical incident notification buried amidst the usual collection of marketing invites to webinars and product demos.

Azure Monitoring

Azure Monitoring Costs and Complexity

So like most companies we are spinning up new workload in Azure cloud and I have been tasked to look at Azure monitoring. As I have looked into the capabilities that Azure monitoring brings, I have also been struck by the relative complexity of the cost model.

Fiverr – Personal Outsourcing

What is Fiverr and is it Fit for Business

It struck me as I was sat in front of a long spreadsheet updating figures – a mechanical process of cutting and pasting – that this was not a great use of my time. I pondered if I should outsource the task on Fiverr.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management – What is a Privileged Account

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is usually a consideration for the CISO and his or her security team. There are many technical solutions to control privileged access but all of them start with what should be a simple task of identifying the privileged accounts.

Operations Architecture

What is Operations Architecture (OA)

Operations Architecture or OA is often defined as the unified collection of technology services, tools, standards and controls required to monitor and manage business application environments to keep them operating at the defined service levels.

Return to Base

Work from Home – The Little Things

Work from home is the new norm in the aftermath of a global pandemic and many organisations have been forced to ramp up remote working solutions through virtual desktop VDI initiatives or VPN connectivity.

Whilst they have generally been successful in empowering a remote workforce to stay away from the office, to quote the often misquoted idiom ‘god is in the detail’.

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