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Today I am thinking about the ITIL glossary as I am promiscuously flirting with IS Security again. I have been asked to assist with an MCAS implementation delivering CASB and DLP. My joke about a loving a good TLA fell short of course as both MCAS and CASB are 4 letter acronyms.

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In my every day life as a service manager, acronyms roll of the tongue without a second thought. Whether its proposing KPI or SLAs, inviting Project Managers to CAB or reviewing CI attributes in CMDB , I rarely stop to check if my peers are keeping up.

Maybe it is to be expected, every industry sector has its own lexicon and the ITIL glossary is widely available, Axelos even make it available online under the AXELOS Waiver Licence that allows it to be reproduced and published (with the appropriate acknowledgements).

Truth be told, I love the richness of different languages across countries and cultures but at work it is great to have words that Service Managers give the same meaning to from company to company, even from country to country.  Words can be so easily confused – take the case of pants. In the UK, I would not dare have my pants on show, but my American cousins would have no such qualms.

ITIL v4 rocked my world with words like the service value system and co-creation of value even if it makes me sound a little nerdier in the pub.

Love or or loathe it the ITIL glossary is here to stay. One language to unite them all. Not just for acronyms but for incidents, problems and known errors, major incidents and all of the other terms that pervade the world of the Service Manager.

Where is the ITIL Glossary

One language to unite them all, the ITIL glossary can be found here

Oh and in case you were wondering, I am implementing Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) for Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

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