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Experience Level Agreements


For years, Service Managers have agonised over the definition and development of Service Level Agreements, Operational Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators as ways of measuring the quality of the IT service delivered to end users. Outsourcing put more on measurement as a part of supplier performance management.

ITIL Glossary

The Service Management Lexicon

Today I am thinking about the ITIL glossary as I am promiscuously flirting with IS Security again. I have been asked to assist with an MCAS implementation delivering CASB and DLP. My joke about a loving a good TLA fell short of course as both MCAS and CASB are 4 letter acronyms.

Non Functional Requirements (NFR)

NFR vs FR What’s the Difference

So this morning I was asked to review a whole bunch of non functional requirements for a project delivering a brand new system. As an experienced Service Manager I was specifically asked to review the NFRs that related to Operations Architecture and I was struck by how many of these non functional requirements or NFR were actually functional requirements.

The Service Manager Role

The Changing Service Manager Role

The Service Manager role was far simpler when I first joined IT, many years ago. The SM sat as an interface between technical IT people and users in the business community with the primary role of translating and managing communications. As users became more tech savvy the role changed.

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