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Pillars of a Great Service Desk

The 4 Pillars of Great Service

As the Service Desk continues to evolve and extend its reach across the enterprise, I thought it was a good time – as the year comes to a close – to think about what makes a great service. I am thankful to the Service Desk Institute for the inspiration behind the four pillars of Speed, Accessibility, Accuracy and Usability.

Defect & The Service Desk

Defect Management

A software defect that makes it into the production environment can be a real pain for the Service Desk. Imagine the scenario where your user rings and advises that software is not performing as expected. They want to raise an incident and for you to resolve that with the same speed and rigour that you would an infrastructure failure. You log it and route the incident to the application support team who tell you that it is a code bug and will require development effort to fix.

Service Desk Automation

The Shift-Left Approach to Service Desk Automation

Service desk automation is not a new topic but that one that I have revisited due to the advancements made in cloud provisioning. For years we spoke about the shift-left approach. Moving simple, repetitive, transactional activities to the lowest cost cost solution. Initially that meant moving tasks to the lower paid level 1 help desk analysts, or to an offshore resource.

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