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Vendor Lock In

What is Vendor Lock In

Vendor lock in occurs when an organization has sourced products or services from a vendor and finds itself unable to move away from them. The reasons for the lock-in can be down to the cost of transfer, loss of knowledge, IPR lock-in or complexity and time challenges to re-engineer dependent processes.


Why Innovation Fails in Outsourcing

Innovation can be described as development or creation of a product, process, or service, to improve efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage. In most IT operations, incremental improvements, increasing the value of a process or function in small steps, is driven through an implementation of the ITIL process for continual service improvement. I often write an innovation schedule in my outsourcing agreements, so why doesn’t it work?

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing – The Contract

IT outsourcing – the use of external providers to deliver IT services has been around for decades. Over the years, I have reviewed, negotiated and written many different outsourcing contacts. Whilst the scope and the cost vary, many aspects of the contract remain the same.

The SIAM Model

What is a SIAM Model

In the SIAM model , SIAM or Supplier Integration and Management is simply the framework for managing multiple suppliers of IT services that may be freestanding or integrated in order to present a single business-facing IT organization.

There are 3 distinct roles in the SIAM Model:

System Integrator vs Service Integrator

System Integration

I am often asked to explain the difference between a System Integrator and a Service Integrator. Working in a multi-national enterprise with a heavily outsourced IT provision, I had the opportunity to travel the world talking to my colleagues about Service Management and how we organise ourselves to manage our external suppliers.

Fiverr – Personal Outsourcing

What is Fiverr and is it Fit for Business

It struck me as I was sat in front of a long spreadsheet updating figures – a mechanical process of cutting and pasting – that this was not a great use of my time. I pondered if I should outsource the task on Fiverr.

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