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Month: November 2020

Quality Management System

Why Quality Matters

Humans make mistakes and a quality management system is there to capture these mistakes and ensure consistent quality. Even though I am an experienced Service Manager, I am still human. I recently tweeted about my new book Outsourcing: A Practical Service Manager Guide to IT Outsourcing and included a link to a well-known bookstore that returned a 503 error. I updated the link and thought nothing of it until I received this …


Why Innovation Fails in Outsourcing

Innovation can be described as development or creation of a product, process, or service, to improve efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage. In most IT operations, incremental improvements, increasing the value of a process or function in small steps, is driven through an implementation of the ITIL process for continual service improvement. I often write an innovation schedule in my outsourcing agreements, so why doesn’t it work?

Non Functional Requirements (NFR)

NFR vs FR What’s the Difference

So this morning I was asked to review a whole bunch of non functional requirements for a project delivering a brand new system. As an experienced Service Manager I was specifically asked to review the NFRs that related to Operations Architecture and I was struck by how many of these non functional requirements or NFR were actually functional requirements.

The Service Manager Role

The Changing Service Manager Role

The Service Manager role was far simpler when I first joined IT, many years ago. The SM sat as an interface between technical IT people and users in the business community with the primary role of translating and managing communications. As users became more tech savvy the role changed.

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